Min is a Gentleman

Ramona Louise Wheeler

Min wears a collar and sash of rank, the red crown of physical accomplishment as well as the dual shuty-plumes of spiritual enlightenment, showing that he has educated himself. With one hand lifted in salute to the flail of pharaonic power, the other gripping his erection, Min swears his oath of allegiance to pharaoh and to family. He is wrapped in the white sheath of the sarcophagus because this is the “until I die” kind of oath. Min stands his ground.

Behind the figure of Min is his “kitchen garden” of lettuce, with its creamy, semen-like sap, symbol of his most important responsibility: providing a safe environment for Hathor to bring forth Horus. In other words, house and home for his family are the foundation of his honor.

This is the testosterone card.

Fatherhood is only the start of Min’s responsibilities. His oath to the pharaoh reflects your role in the world as well as the home you provide for your children and their mother. Min the reality of the oath to hearth and home. Min is also the Horus of the soldier.

Min is the honor of growing up within an astounding civilization -- our modern world and the global culture that is awaking. Heroes are all well and good, but we live in the future now. Your heroic task is to find your golden Horus within the Nine Houses and to be the best captain of your Sunship that you can. That is your “sworn duty.” In the days of the Nile, that oath was to Amun. Min is a good citizen.

Honor can be found in something as simple as good manners. A lady knows how to act like a gentleman and a gentleman knows when it’s proper to be ladylike. Far more importantly, a hero knows where his sperm is and what it’s doing but a gentleman cares where his sperm is and what it’s doing.