Ramona Louise Wheeler

Isis, Throne of Egypt

It Began With a Lap

Isis is Love.  Her name means, “She Who Sits,” spelled with the same throne hieroglyph as Osiris, but without the Eye because love can work in the dark. Isis is Love. Love is a fundamental element of our deepest, darkest nature. She is the throne of existence, the bonding of two beings as well as the coherency of self-identity.She is every form of bonding, from the noblest emotions of human connection to the quantum forces that bind atoms and molecules together. She is the unifying principle of reality itself.

In her form as Hathor, whose name means “Home of Horus,” she is the one who brings forth the Child Horus. She is the source of life. She brings forth self-identity. Isis is the Queen of the World. 

Isis is the bond of the social trinity, the family unit of Isis, Osiris and Horus. This trinity and their stories were the core of the Egyptian mythology. The universal nature of this trinity served the nation from the pharaoh’s household to the humblest farmer’s hut. Isis is “She of Great Magic,” as powerful as Rae himself. She is the energy of life flowing from the dimension of eternity into space/time. She is the bond of the X’s coherency, the bond of love. Isis is the bonding force of X to X, self to self. Isis gathers up the scattered pieces of Osiris and brings forth Horus, the Unique One.

Isis makes you notice each other. She emerges from the deepest part of your unconscious. You are Hathor while falling in love. Isis enchants your heart. She is wife, lover, mother, temptress, witch, bitch, guide, protector, nurse, sister, companion and always, above all, the loyal power beside the throne. Isis represents the forms of bonding that friendship, love and sex create. She is the electricity, chemistry, and magic of that bond — and its dangers.

Temples dedicated to Isis were more than just ceremonial buildings. They were schools and counseling centers for women, sources of learning for the many duties, responsibilities and needs of women. Her priestesses were teachers, guides, therapists and midwives as well as entertainers and professional mourners. Isis was more than just the power beside the throne. As the Nayture of love, she ruled in every heart along the Nile.

The Legend of Isis and Re

The story of the Nayture who evolved himself, forming heaven and earth through the breath of life and fire of the Nayture humanity, cattle, reptiles, birds and fish, eternal king of humanity and the Naytures,

of one form, whose one-hundred-twenty years are as single year,

whose names by reason of their multitude are unknowable.

The Naytures know them not.

Isis was a woman who had knowledge of words and despair turned her heart from the millions of humanity.

She chose the millions of the Naytures instead and she opened the millions of Nature’s Xs.”

Isis finds a droplet of Rae’s saliva, spilled as he walked the pathway. By this sign she learns that the Great Awakener of the World needs her help. Isis mixes this droplet of spittle with dust and uses her magic to create from it a living serpent. She places it at a crossroads where Rae passes on his journey through space-time. There she waits.

Rae is weakened by the aging of his biological body, and he pauses at this crossroads, unable to decide. In that moment of weakness, the serpent of Isis bites his heel. A raging furnace of pain fills Rae, threatening to dissolve the energy which empowers his identity as Rae, as himself. In great despair and pain, he calls out to the Paut Naytures, “You Naytures who originated in me!

The Paut Naytures come rushing to him, but their power is incomplete without Isis. They cannot help him. They can only mourn his vulnerability. Isis must have Rae’s secret name, his true name, if she is to revive him. Rae stalls by identifying himself with the universal consciousness which awakened creation:

Creator of Sky and Earth, molder of mountains, Creator of water for the great flood,

Maker of the bull for the cow, to bring sexual pleasure into life,

Controller of the Inundation, Khopry in the morning, Rae at noon, Atum in the evening.”

These are the powers of universal consciousness, not individual, conscious identity. They are not you. This is the light seen during near-death experiences “Walk toward the light.”

“... My father and my mother hid my name in my flesh as I was born.”

This, finally, is the name which Isis must have to revive him. This is your private name, your secret identity. Rae makes Isis promise that Horus will never reveal it to anyone living. Isis agrees, so Rae tells her his secret name.

Isis, the great magician, is addressed here as Rae’s daughter, with “knowledge of words,” metaphor for spiritual enlightenment as a function of deliberate, conscious study. "Daughter" is a term of endearment, just as "sister, brother, son" are in daily conversation and chiseled in stone. Because of her great learning, Isis is beloved by Rae. "Female intuition" was a term of respect. Rae in his most profound form represents universal consciousness born at the Big Bang. Isis is the universal bonding energy of that consciousness. Isis is the coherence that sustains identity through the tribulations and dangers of existence that threaten to dissolve it back into undifferentiated light. The fear of that dissolution is the poison that fills Rae’s being, the confrontation with mortality that is the “serpent in the path.” All the greatness of Rae’s eternal source, part of the forces which built the mountains and the world, cannot sustain the transition of dimensions from 3D to Eternity without the coherency of identity. For he who is able to pronounce his name lives.”

Your identity carries you intact through the dangerous transitions of darkness. This name, together with your ka, was formed at your birth. This identity is beyond names, beyond pictures. Only you can know this name within the depths of your X. This pursuit of yourself is the course of Isis’ teaching over a lifetime. “One whose one-hundred-twenty years is as one year.” That is the power of your immortal name, your unique identity. The more completely you know your own self, the more of your own secret name is revealed to you and the greater the strength your conscious self is able to draw from the spiritual wellsprings of your soul. Self-creation is the ultimate magic and the most enduring, because it is that secret self who goes into eternity, into “the millions of years” as “That Great Thing Under The Horizon.” In other words, you experiencing eternity.

Rae consciousness is dependent upon the physical body which houses it, however unfailing the sun in the mind. Emotional pain can threaten the strength and focus of consciousness, leaving it as weak as Rae dribbling on the pathway. Unless the individual is aware, while alive and conscious, of the relationship between the Rae of being and the Osiris of being, that is, aware of awareness, there is the danger that Rae will die with the flesh, unable to separate the experience of dying from the reality of dying, unable to separate flesh from perception.

The Ankh of Isis

The crossed loop of the Ankh is the sandal strap of Isis, Queen of Love. The ankh is a metaphor for life, animated, biological life. The ankh is a double-strap of leather, bound with windings at the intersection of the loop, the stem and the arms. Life binds your X to your body just as the strap binds the sole of the sandal to your foot. It is not the sandal and it is not the foot. It is the binding together that is life. Walk in a pair of real leather sandals for a summer and the impression of your foot will be pressed into the sole, becoming a “signature” of your body. It’s a metaphor as old as shoes.

Many magic spells involved knots. Forces moving in opposite directions are tied into a loop which can be used to bind or to hold safely. This is the magic of the biological vessel which carries you through Outdoor reality, the physical anchor that holds you in safely in this time, at this place, as this person.

Poisonous Love

Isis had seven scorpions as her mascots and her guardians, referencing the chemical elements of physical attraction. As a symbol of the pains of love, the scorpion sting serves better than the serpent’s bite. Although extremely painful, the sting is not necessarily fatal. The seven scorpions are: Poteet, Thoteet and Maateet, “She Is Born,” “He Is Born,” Tofun and Bofun. Thoth sent these seven scorpions to protect Isis.

The two which run beneath her feet are named for child birth. The other names are obscure, however, groups of seven are linked to the spinal column. These scorpions are also a feminine scenario of the seven chakra, personified in Sorqet, especially in images of her with a scorpion body and a woman’s head and arms.

The scorpions most complete story is in the “Lament of Isis,” in which she punishes a selfish woman by poisoning her beloved child. Isis then proves the power of love by using her magic to cure the child. This story is one of the sources of Isis’ role as divine patron of medicine, “The Necessary Art.” These seven scorpions survive as the “stings and arrows of love,” echoed in the seven deadly sins and the poison-dipped arrows of cherubs.

Nephthys, Sister of Isis

The sister of Isis is Nephthys. Her crown is the hieroglyphs of her name, Nobt Het, “Lady of the House.” The hieroglyph for “Lady” in Nephthys’ name (the same as “Lord” with the feminine “t” ending) is a basket, nob, the Egyptian metaphor for nobility. The nobility are the unifying containers of their group, many individual strands woven together to make a solid whole, as well as a container which gathers loose pieces into a single place — organizers. This nobility of the female heart lives in the character of Lady of the House, Nephthys — her ability to contain all things within her being. She keeps things together for everyone else.

She is the personification of marriage, as her name declares. Egyptian civilization saw no need for a marriage license or official permission or sanction. By all the laws of nature, love is a legal relationship. There can be love without loyalty and loyalty without love. These are all different facets of your human experience. Marriage is not the only bond. Friendship can be a bond of gold and steel, withstanding every trial. Loyalty of families to each other, to the larger clan, loyalty to your spirit guides, loyalty to your nation — these are all forms of Nephthys in our lives. Loyalty requires a conscious decision. Loyalty is powered by the force of love, love brought forth into the light of the moment. There can be marriage without love and love without marriage, but in order to survive, a marriage must be based on loyalty to each other.

Isis and Lady of The House are the archetypal examples of sisterly loyalty, love and cooperation. They guard the most precious moments of life. Nephthys is the sister of Isis and Suty, and Suty was her husband. Their child is Anubis, the faithful spirit guide. This trinity of Nephthys, Set and Anubis symbolize the role of the lady of the house and her role in awaking and guiding the spiritual instincts of the growing child.

Continued in Thoth is in Your Mind.