Ramona Louise Wheeler

Lord of The Westerners

Osiris as Khent Imentiu

One of the oldest known names for Osiris is Khent Imen-tiu, “The Façade of The Western Horizon.” The word used for façade is khent, a term met with often in sacred poetry. This is also translated as “foremost,” “at the front of,” “on the face of.” The hieroglyph itself is a wooden rack for displaying wine jars. The earliest known examples of Egyptian writing are carved ivory labels, naming the vintage, vineyard or owner. The ancient language itself elaborates the concepts of inside and outside your skin. The metaphor of wine and spirit is very old.

The definitions used here are from R. O. Faulkner’s A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian. Griffith Institute (1962, 1981, 1986.) Pages 18 through 22 of this invaluable dictionary list the words related to Iman, Iman Ta and Imenti beginning with the initial syllable im.

It is a most instructive list. Im is founded on the concept of immersion: of being within something in a three-dimensional sense. For example, im is “sea.” Im is the first syllable on several words relating to boats and aquatic animals, that is, things which are immersed in water. Imw is “ship.” There are also words about the position you hold within a given political group, your “fellow-ship.”

The word for “snake” is imyu, with the hieroglyphs actually spelling out “those inside the Earth.” As a preposition it is sometimes translated as “between, among, in the midst of.”

We find homonyms of im with the determinative of a tree, with the meanings “in a tree, kind, gentle, well-disposed, to be delighted, charmed, charm, kindliness, graciousness,” and in plural, impu, “brilliance, splendor.” This points to the recognition that such human traits come from within. Osiris is the one who was “in a tree,” bound in the coffin of Suty, with the erica tree grown around his coffin while waiting for Isis to find him. Rae is the one who “rises in the dawn-tree.”

Imu with the determinative of an enclosure means “house, home, manor, place, tent, hut, dwelling place.” This is followed by imakh, “spinal cord.”

In plural form, with determinative of a Nayture's presence, it is “revered one of the blessed dead.” It is worth noting that these terms are homonyms with im akh which means “within the X, immersion of the X.”

Imn as a verb means “to create.” With the Nayture’s determinative added, it is the name of Iman, (Also Amun) creator of the universe, with both male and female variants on the name.

Imn with the determinative of a figure offering worship, is “secret, hidden.” Imnt is “secret place, hidden land.”

Imn, the hieroglyph of the west, means “right side,” “starboard,” “West.” Since the Egyptians put south at the top of their maps, west was on the right-hand side. Imnty is the west wind. It is also a cognate for “daily offerings.” Iman ta is the Western horizon, as well as a euphemism for death, setting in the west with the sun, sailing west.

The modern, Latin-derived words “imminent” and “eminent” are not only cognates to these words, but also are indicative of the meaning which we are striving to define, since Osiris is the most “eminent” of beings and the very Imminence of Being. Imkhat is the netherworld of the tomb, with a twist of rope to make the kht sound.

The preposition in, by contrast, is a preposition for “by” of agent. In verb form, with the determinative of legs walking beneath a vessel or jug, means “bring, fetch, bring about.” It is the initial syllable of words relating to string, “cordage.” It is “eyebrows,” and int, with the mountain determinative, means “valley.” (Compare indus in Sanskrit.) Inb is walls, stockades, fences.

Inm is the human skin.

Inkh is the verb “surround, enclose, include.” With a difference determinative, it is “unite, collect, gather together,” and is part of the emblem of entwined lotus and papyrus plants that represents the union of the Two Kingdoms, the combined nation of Upper and Lower Egypt.

These show the contrast of the concepts inside something to the concepts of two-dimensional linking. You are inside a circle. You are immersed in a sphere. As the Sun rises from the East, emerging forth from its immersion in the Western horizon, Osiris emerges from his immersion in space/time, returning to the eternal dimension.

“You are made living and green within the dual-worlds out of my immortality, embodied in the hand of the Lord To The Limits. He is led about by that which is not evolving in his name, Earth Is Led About By The Face.

He draws the dual-worlds together in his name that is Sokar.

His power opens up much mightiness in his name that is Osiris.

He has been on the two-fold path millions of years out of his name, Wennofer.”

“I am Osiris, Lord of the Mouth of the Horizon, a portion of Osiris immortalized as that being at the top of the steps.

I have entered at the desire of my ib-heart through the Pool of Dual Flames.

I am quenched!

Orient your face, Lord of Radiance — facade of the original home and face of my head —

Darkness and twilights, I carried you, my X. I purify you. My two hands are around you.

Your portion of the head is the gift of your ancestors.

Give me my voice. I will speak with it.

I pilot my heart in its hour of fire and dark.”

Continued in The Birth of Osiris.