Base, Baby Talk Magic

Ramona Louise Wheeler

Base is a naked dwarf figure with a beard. He sticks his tongue out and grimaces, his long penis hanging between his legs. Sometimes he plays a drum and dances. Unlike the stylization of all the other Naytures, Base was always shown facing forward, not in profile. The other Nayture shown this way is Hathor, also an attendant at births.

The pronunciation of his name, “base,” (Egyptian bes) suggests the kind of humor the dancing dwarf-god represented. He was very popular, as well as an important power among magicians of Egypt. Base is a guardian of childbirth. He is a metaphor for the unbridled joy of the infant. To a baby, life is joyful — and funny! The joy of being alive and breathing is the infant’s protection against the desperate and dangerous experience of birth. You pray to Base for the sake of that innocent one.

Base is known for his bawdy, physical humor because he is the innocent, sensual delight of a newly emerged human being, with no cultural or educational constraints. Such innocence gives strength, even when expressed with smelly humor. He is, in modern psychological terms, the id personified. Base was called upon by magicians because their own powers derived from the deep unconscious which is the playground of Base, and he is the magician’s spirit guide in that dark country — the artist’s, as well.

Base gives power to the engines of your Sunship, which gives him something of an attitude when you are out and about in the Outdoors. Don’t let him trick you out of the Captain’s Seat, no matter how much he whimpers and bitches.